Episode One: Introductions


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Welcome to Episode One of Rolling For Loot with Schokti and Himhotepp.

Our topics for this episode include:

– Our bios. We interview each other to give you an idea of our gaming background.
– A brief discussion of what you can expect to hear from us.
– Game snacks!

We close with a bit of discussion on what we played this week.

We welcome comments and questions. Please do so at this blog, on Facebook or on Twitter (@RollingForLoot)


Some comments from Himhotepp:

First podcast in the can, and now awaiting the edited version (minimal as it is) so I can hear the finished product, and gloat about how excellent it sounds!

As far as it goes, this was a pretty good podcast. Although I must admit I have very little experience with podcasts and podcasting in general, this one sounds quite good. It’s clear and genuine. It wasn’t forced, and the banter was honest and engaging. I would give this a 7/10 grade. 

Tune in next week to see how much we improve!

~ Himhotepp


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